Black roses: the best varieties and rules for combining with other plants in the garden decor


Black roses have long been the subject of pride and admiration for flower growers in many countries. At present, several varieties and hybrid species of this decorative culture are known, the flowers of which stand out in a very unusual, dark, almost black coloring of the petals.

"Black Magic" and other black-flowered varieties

It should be noted that there are no completely black flowers in a rose, but there are some types and varieties whose coloring is as close to this color as possible.

The most popular of them, the description of which is known to both domestic and foreign flower growers, are absolutely undemanding and make the garden decoration as decorative as possible.

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Meaning and Symbolism

The history of roses is the history of all species and varieties from the genus Rosehipthat have been cultivated by man since ancient times. A significant part of the rose varieties was bred as a result of lengthy breeding work, based on repeated repeated crosses. The legend of the black rose is associated with the Turkish city of Halfeti. The flowers that grew there had the only external difference from the classic roses - coal-black coloring of the petals. Such an original staining was due to the soil composition on which rose bushes grew. The soil had increased acidity precisely at the stage of flowering of decorative culture. The black rose was classified as an endangered species after the flooding of the Euphrates by the city of Halfet.

Experienced amateur gardeners, as well as domestic and foreign breeders, are very well aware of the fact that a natural way to produce rose varieties with full black staining of flowers is absolutely impossible, due to the specific absence of blue pigment. In addition, upon closer and closer examination of the Halfeti rose, you can find that the flower petals of this plant have not a full black, but a very deep, dark burgundy-violet color.

The meaning of the rose has some differences depending on the country and mentality of the inhabitants. The history of the symbolism of a magnificent flower has not only very ancient roots, but it is completely not as straightforward as it seems at first glance. If in Christian society the rose symbolizes the suffering of Christ and the sign of the Virgin Mary, then according to Kabbalistic knowledge this flower represents the mystical center and the heart of creation.

Black roses stand apart. Such flowers are usually correlated with deep sorrow, despondency, sadness and mourning. However, recently, more and more often, bouquets of flowers with such an unusual shade are purchased for good luck, and according to many florists, black roses carry a positive, positive charge, adjusting to a change of scenery or new promising undertakings. It is also interesting that in Japanese art ikebans, it is black roses that are the most popular type of admiration for a person’s vitality and his indestructible strength of mind.

Roses: variety selection (video)

How to make a black rose from white

If it is not possible to grow a black rose, then you can try to make such an unusual flower with your own hands at home. For this purpose, a classic white or red rose can be used.

Self-made black rose technology:

  • in the process of staining foliage, its staining also changes, so you can cut all the leaves from roses, leaving only the trunks and flower;
  • prepare a flower vase or any vessel of sufficient height that must be filled with warm water;
  • for tinting water, you can use either special dyes of the desired color, or simple gouache or mascara;

  • it should be noted that flowers dyed using chemical and very aggressive dyes are short-lived and can fade very quickly;
  • cut off about a centimeter from the stem part and about another half a centimeter along the diagonal, which will significantly improve the hydration rate;
  • cut the stem part with a sharp and clean knife, under a stream of running water.

At the final stage, the prepared rose must be installed in a vase with a coloring solution and kept at room temperature for about a day. As practice shows, faster and more evenly stained with red roses, and staining with white-flowered varieties may require a longer time. By the same principle, white-flowered roses can be colored blue with different intensities. Fully colored flowers should be rearranged in a vase filled with clean water.

Combination with other plants in the garden decor

Landscaping and interior design with roses have become especially relevant and popular in our country in the last decade. The widespread use of roses in garden decor is due not only to the extraordinary attractiveness of this culture, but also to the long flowering period. The most spectacular option is to create a rose garden of several varieties of this decorative culture on the plot. A bright “cocktail” mixed from contrasting flower staining also looks very impressive.

If necessary, create a colorful hedge, roses are recommended to be planted close enough to each other. But we should not forget that such landings need mandatory competent and timely formation. Especially popular are single or solitary landings. The place for such a planting should be as noticeable as possible, which will allow the black rose to maximize show all its extraordinary beauty against the background of green lawn grass.

How to plant roses (video)

Rose bushes with flowers of black coloring are appropriate in the design of almost any landscape, and are also widely used in zoning of personal space. Observing the cultivation agricultural technique and providing the decorative culture with high-quality, competent care, you can get incredibly beautiful and original, plentiful and long-flowering plantings.