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Cold storage of pancake dough


Pancakes are considered an old Russian dish symbolizing the sun. Anyone who has had the chance to try them will never be able to forget the taste. The history of pancakes dates back thousands of years. They were prepared as a gift to the gods, for the holidays, they simply pleased the family with this delicacy. Today, pancakes are one of the most popular dishes of every family.

Mistresses cook them in different ways, experiment, exchange recipes and their impressions. But given today's life rhythm, not everyone has the opportunity to prepare pancakes for breakfast or returning from work. Because of this, many try to start the dough in such quantities that some of it remains the next day, after spending the night in the refrigerator. You should figure out whether it is appropriate to put the dough for pancakes in the refrigerator? Or should it be used right away? Experts assure that such a possibility of storage exists, but its term does not exceed a day. After all, the dough includes milk, eggs, a liquid-like mass, it must be periodically stirred, not allowing to stagnate. And the recipes for the test, planned for storage, should be from certain products.

Pancakes in a Bottle

Great cooking option. At first glance, the method seems unusual, but it works!

Product Set:

  • eggs - 2 pcs;
  • wheat flour - 150 g;
  • granulated sugar and salt - 2 and 1 small spoons, respectively;
  • baking soda - a pinch;
  • milk - 0.6 l;
  • vegetable oil - 20 ml.

We start to cook:

  1. Pick up a one and a half liter container made of plastic material. It is recommended to use containers after mineral water - it will not give any smells.
  2. Through the watering can inserted in the bottle throat, we serve eggs, sugar, soda and salt. Next, screw the cork and loosen the contents well.
  3. Gently pour the flour, add oil, mix again, shaking the bottle vigorously.
  4. Milk is poured. Now you need to shake the bottle very carefully so that no lumps appear.

The recipe is convenient because you do not need to use a whisk or a mixer. There are no traces of cooking left on the table and stove - from the neck of the bottle the dough is served directly on a hot skillet! You can store it for 24 hours directly in a plastic container by placing it in the refrigerator. You will enjoy fresh pancakes for a couple of days. By the way, such a recipe is possible on water, which many replace milk. But pancakes in this case will not be so tender.

Dough in a blender

Easy and quick way to make pancake dough.


  • wheat flour - 1 cup and 1 spoon with a hill;
  • milk - 0.5 l (2 cups);
  • salt - a pinch;
  • sugar - 1 - 2 tablespoons;
  • butter - 3 large spoons;
  • eggs - 4 pcs;
  • vanillin or cinnamon.

Cooking fast:

  1. We put these ingredients in a blender, put the switch at maximum speed, and begin to whisk.
  2. If you do not intend to use all at once, you can store the finished dough in the refrigerator directly in the blender, for no longer than one day.

It is best to use baked milk - pancakes are unusually tasty.

"Perfect dough"

It is believed that a successful dough is obtained if you adhere to a proportional ratio of products. Consider this option, taking the planned test volume for one hundred percent.

We will need:

  • flour - 260 g - (26%);
  • milk (fat content must be selected at least 3.2%) - 0.65 L - (64%);
  • eggs - 65 g - (7%);
  • granulated sugar - 20 g - (2.4%);
  • salt - from 3 to 5 g - (0.6%).

Getting started:

  1. We drive the eggs into a deep container, add sugar and salt. Beat everything until smooth. For convenience and speed it is allowed to use the mixer at fast speeds. The splendor of beaten eggs and the percentage of air content in them will depend on your efforts.
  2. Now pour in the milk, continue to mix.
  3. To begin with, add half the required amount of flour, transfer the mixer to low speeds. We work carefully so that drops of dough do not fly in all directions.
  4. Continuing to stir, in small portions gradually add the remaining portion of the flour, stir well, at the end, increase the speed for several minutes.
  5. Cooked pancake dough is advised to pass through a fine sieve, thus removing undissolved lumps from it.

It is necessary to maintain the pancake mass at rest for about half an hour, so that the gluten of the flour is completely swollen, forming the texture of the dough. It should turn out to be a homogeneous mass, with excellent fluidity.

Recipe with a “secret” and sugar free

Its unusualness is that all components are taken not by weight, but in volumetric terms. And there’s nothing funny. The eggs used in the recipe may be different in size, and their insufficient number will lead to failure. For measuring containers, we take an ordinary glass or another cup with a capacity of 250 grams.

The following products will be required:

  • eggs, milk, wheat flour and water - all 1 glass each;
  • salt - half a teaspoon;
  • vegetable oil - from 2 to 4 tablespoons.

We proceed to cooking:

  1. In a glass to the very top we drive in eggs as required. As a rule, if they are in good shape, it will take no more than five pieces. Salt, whisk a little with a whisk, add milk and water, stir.
  2. We take a separate container, sift the flour into it, add about 200 ml of a mixture of eggs and milk, mix to make the lumps disappear.
  3. After that, add oil in the amount of three tablespoons, continue stirring.
  4. Only now is it allowed to pour in the remnants of our liquid and mix again. You can bake pancakes in about thirty minutes, as soon as the dough "rests".

If you pay attention - sugar is not used. Its absence allows you to make pancakes universal, for any filling.

Without milk and eggs

This recipe is worthy of attention.

We take the wheat flour necessary for kneading the dough, in larger quantities, and add a little (two to three tablespoons) any that is in the house. As a rule, this is corn or soy flour. You will need salt, soda, from two to three tablespoons of sugar and, most importantly, a teaspoon of powder replacing the eggs.

All components of the dry group are combined and mixed with a whisk. Now the mass is poured with heated water with mineral water. Stir quickly to make the dough thick. After waiting a while, we again add mineral water and a few tablespoons of vegetable oil.

There is no proportion in this recipe - experience is important. Having filled your hand, you will be able to "prepare" delicious pancakes "by eye". It should be added that such a dough is stored without problems for up to two days in the refrigerator.

Some tips

  1. To improve the stickiness of the flour, the added water is recommended to be heated.
  2. After sifting flour, wait a while for it to stand. From this, pancakes will only become more beautiful and tastier.
  3. Sorting with sugar will give pancakes hardness, and excess salt will slow down the fermentation process. So these two components should be laid strictly according to the prescription.
  4. If according to the cooking conditions the flour is diluted in water, then add salt to the liquid first. This will avoid the formation of lumps.

Convenient pancakes from a bottle (video)

There are many recipes. Pancake lovers can only choose the best option to pamper themselves with their favorite treat. But if you decide to cook the dough "with a margin" - you can store it for a day, in the rare case - no more than two days.