How to plant a shoot of a money tree at home


The houseplant of Crassula, or Crassula (Crassula), according to the owners of this flower, has magical properties, which is why it got the popular name "money tree". Growing such a lively talisman on your own is not too difficult - it is enough to choose and plant a completely healthy, high-quality shoot from an existing mother plant.

Rules for the preparation of planting material

Even a novice amateur flower grower will be able to plant and grow the popular "money tree", who has never been involved in the independent propagation of ornamental crops. Crassula is able to perfectly take root both in small processes and in leaves. Most often, in the conditions of indoor floriculture, the method of rooting sprouting is appliedin, which form roots as quickly as possible and quickly take root at a constant place of cultivation.

It is very important to take planting material from a well-formed parent plant. Amateur gardeners know quite a lot of species of Crassula, but the most common variety is Crassula arborescens, as well as Cotyledon Treelike or "money tree". The processes of the silver thickwort (Crassula argentea) and the oval thickwort (Crassula ovata) take root very well. Staining and shape of foliage can be very different, but this does not affect the rates of rooting of planting material.

Important to remember, what to take processes from too young and incompletely formed specimens of Crassula. In addition, indoor decorative succulent culture, acting as the mother plant, should be absolutely healthy, without the slightest sign of damage by pathogenic microflora or plant parasites. High-quality planting material should have a minimum of a couple of leaflets. First, you need to cut with a sharp and clean garden knife to cut the stalk from the plant, and then dry at room temperature the section of the cut for a couple of days. The section of the cut on the mother plant should be sprinkled with chopped charcoal.

How to plant a shoot of a money tree (video)

Soil preparation

In natural, natural conditions, Crassula grows on soils, which necessarily contain a significant amount of sand. The soil should be very loose or sufficiently loose. At home, for the flower, it is necessary to create conditions that will be as close as possible to the natural habitat. Ready soil is very suitable for growing a decorative indoor plantsuitable for the cultivation of cacti or any succulent plants.

If it is necessary to plant a shoot of a “money tree” in a self-prepared soil mixture, it is recommended to give preference to a composition based on three parts of medium-grained sand, a couple of parts of peat and a couple of parts of leafy soil. In order to ensure the optimal level of breathability, it is advisable to add disintegrants in the form of vermiculite and perlite to the prepared soil mixture.

Important to remember, that any variety of crassula very hard to tolerate too dense and poorly drained soil, which often causes stagnation of moisture in the root system of ornamental culture.

The choice of landing capacity

A flower pot or planting capacity for planting a sprout of a process of a fatty with roots should be chosen very carefully and thoughtfully, which is due to fairly active growth processes and the rapid pace of increase in the aerial part of the plant. In a fairly short time, a dense and relatively heavy crown can form on the decorative culture, which is not always well held by the underdeveloped root system of the crassula.

Experienced amateur flower growers who cultivate the rossula for several years in indoor floriculture recommend giving preference to heavy and quite deep, but at the same time roomy planting tanks. It is best to plant a fat woman in clay or ceramic pots with a wide mouth, which is due to the peculiarity of the rapidly growing and fairly superficially located roots of the decorative culture.

It is important to notethat a succulent ornamental plant does not need frequent transplants, which is especially true for adults or highly grown specimens. However, the larger the flower pot, the faster the green aboveground mass of the crop grows. In any case, the capacity for landing should fully satisfy all the requirements of the fat woman and contribute to the full growth or development of this indoor culture.

How to grow a money tree (video)

Timing and landing technology

To properly plant the shoot of the "money tree" in the already prepared planting soil, It is necessary to adhere to the following simple, but very important rules:

  • the process separated from the mother plant must be immersed in clean, clean water at room temperature for rooting;
  • some amateur gardeners practice rooting of the shoot directly in the nutrient soil substrate, but this method is less convenient and does not allow to determine the degree of formation of the root system;
  • when rooting in nutrient soil, the seedling needs to provide a greenhouse effect, and watering is carried out in the lower way, through a tray;
  • in order to increase the rooting indices, it is recommended to process a section of the appendix of the house fat in a stimulating solution based on “Kornevin” or “Heteroauxin”;
  • in a pre-prepared, clean flower pot, you need to pour a drainage layer, and then nutrient soil;
  • it is very important to observe the depth of planting, which directly depends on the size of the rooted shoot of the fat;
  • As a rule, the average planting depth of a “money tree” seedling varies between 40-60 mm.

At the last stage of planting, the root system of the sprout of the processus is very neatly sprinkled with soil, but the soil should never be compacted. After abundant watering, severe shrinkage of the soil can be observed, therefore, if necessary, the filling of the nutrient substrate is carried out.

It should be noted that if the soil in the flowerpot is too large, the houseplant can be pulled up strongly under home growing conditions, and the stem root is deepened much down, so the aerial part of the young grassroot becomes thin and quite weak. If such a situation is observed, then at the first transplant of a plant, an excessively long root should be slightly shortened.

Features of further care

In the first days after planting the rooted shoot on a permanent place, it is very important to provide the plant with quality shading from direct sunlight and relatively abundant watering. The first dressing of a young ornamental plant can be given about a month after planting. Once the plant begins to grow, you can proceed to the activities that are standard for caring for an adult room fat.

Money tree: reproduction and formation (video)

Money tree does not tolerate any cacti at all, therefore, such ornamental plants should be grown at a sufficient distance from each other. Supporters of the Feng Shui teachings claim that the fat woman effectively attracts financial well-being and luck to the house, so you need to look very carefully at the condition of the houseplant grown from the shoot, observing all the rules for cultivating a decorative flower.