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Topiary: an original gift for any event


A birthday topiary can be made to any person. What is an original birthday present for mom, sister, girl? Of course, the topiary! Practical, unusual and such a bright gift will delight every day. You can think about what to give for your birthday. But a handmade gift will be much more expensive and more pleasant than something bought in a store.

Birthdays of mothers, girls, sisters do not do without bouquets of flowers. However, fresh cut flowers live only about 2 weeks - and the holiday has never happened. If the choice fell on fresh flowers in a pot, then such a gift is not for everyone, because different types of plants need their proper care, which is very difficult to make in our busy days. There is a way out - topiary!

What is such a gift?

Topiary is a kind of craft that resembles a decorative tree, a flower in a pot. Such art has come from the time when trees were cut into various shapes and labyrinths were made of them. I immediately recall the 17-18th century in Europe, when women walked through the clipped labyrinths of trees in lush dresses, with voluminous white curly wigs and with an umbrella from the sun. Since then, and began to engage in this kind of crafts.

Now the topiary can be seen at home in the form of a decorative element, on a table in the office, giving a little warmth to the gray room, in the children's room. After all, topiaries are very practical, they do not need to be watered, transplanted, sometimes it is enough to simply shake off the dust or wipe with a cloth. So, let's begin!

How to make a do-it-yourself topiary (video)

Mom's birthday topiary

What to do topiary for mom? First you need to find out what color mom likes, probably pink, blue, lilac. All women love warm and vibrant colors. We have decided on the color scheme. Now we proceed to the type of activity of mom. If you need a thematic topiary, then you need to consider all the little things. Suppose, for some, mom works as an accountant, for others as a hairdresser, that is, you need to know the specifics of the work. Let mother love white, yellow and lilac colors, and she works as a seamstress. So, in the topiary you need to take this into account.

For such a thematic topiary, you will need paper, wire, fabric, varnish, glue, threads and buttons - this is the main thing, maybe some materials and tools will need to be supplemented in the process.

Moreover, buttons, threads and paper are selected according to certain colors that mom likes.

As soon as you have scored all the tools and materials for crafts, we begin to work:

  1. Pot. First we make a pot for the future tree. They can serve as a large mug, a glass or just bought a flower pot, that is, at your own discretion. We choose the most budgetary one - a glass from a drink left after a movie theater, or from popcorn. Smear the front side with glue and wrap the threads. If you stick first yellow, then white and so on in turn, you get funny stripes. It is better to use woolen threads, as they are thicker and stick better.
  2. Trunk. They can serve as a wire, a tree branch. The more curved the topiary trunk is, the more spectacular it will look. The barrel can be coated with silver varnish or wound threads on it.
  3. Beanie. This is the most important detail of the topiary. We have to work with this element. Since in the beginning you decided on the profession of a mother (seamstress), the main components of hats are buttons. The bouquet will consist of buttons worn on wires, and it is necessary to make splendor and completeness of the composition. From the paper we make the petals. And the final touch will be scissors cut from paper, coated with silver varnish and glued to the very top.
  4. We assemble all the parts, setting the barrel in a pot. To keep it tight, plasticine can be glued to the bottom. Winding threads on top and putting buttons. And now, the gift is ready! It remains to give mom.

DIY topiary with baby

In the process of creating crafts, a child develops imagination, logic and motor skills of hands, all the more so it is so exciting. Surely each child had a task to make a craft for kindergarten. And this task is not only for the girl or boy, but also for their parents. After going through herbarium, sewing, beadwork, paper crafts, everything that has already been tried by a child, you can combine all types of needlework in topiary. One of the most interesting ideas is the children's "growing topiary." For this, of course, you need to collect a photo of the child from birth to today. Then you need a pot, paper, glue, wire, plasticine, cloth, threads, small toys.

So, we proceed:

  1. Pot. This item for the topiary will serve any already unnecessary children's capacity, say a bottle, a cup, a glass. Or a broken part of a toy, for example, a dump truck body, its folding part. The pot can be varnished or left in a form that will be even funnier.
  2. The barrel can be a pencil, a tree branch, wire. The trunk can be varnished, wrapped with multi-colored threads.
  3. The hat "growing topiary" will consist of photographs, small toys. All this can be hooked onto the wire. However, if you simply attach photos and toys, it is unlikely that you will get a composition, for this you can make flowers for a girl from colorful paper or boats for a boy, and already attach photos and toys to them. Photos must be small and can be glued so that a photo can be seen from the porthole of a paper boat or airplane. Then in the same style we make a pot and a trunk. If the components in the bouquet are boats, then the pot will resemble the ocean. A flower arrangement is suitable for a girl. We make camomiles out of paper, and in the middle of the flower glue the carved face of the child with glue. It should be very fun and unusual. It will be quite obvious if you place a photo of the newborn on the top of the tree, and as he grows older, descends down the tree, distributing the photo so that it is visible how it changes, the child grows.
  4. Connecting all parts of the topiary, it must be taken into account that everything must hold tight. Most likely, the child will want to show everyone, will rush with this bush at home or in kindergarten. Everything should be not only tightly connected, but also safe. There should be no sharp protruding parts so as not to scratch the child’s handles. It will be very clear if, nevertheless, it is possible to keep such a “topiary of growing up” until it comes of age, pasting an adult photograph and presenting it on a birthday. Such a gift will produce explosive admiration!

Money tree (video)

Topiary is not just a gift, but an element of decor

Do-it-yourself topiary is not necessary to do on holidays or to have a child, collecting such crafts is a good hobby. In addition to the birthday, you can make New Year's topiary, collecting them from coniferous branches, Christmas toys. It can be thematic: by March 8, by May 1, by the Day of the Power Engineer, Railway Worker, that is, by any event and day. However, it is necessary to consider what the first impression made by the topiary should make, that is, bear the symbolism of the holiday. Suppose, in the office, in the office on the desktop on the eve of the New Year, you can place the New Year's topiary, which will give the mood of the holiday. At home, if you want something unusual, you can build a giant New Year’s topiary with your own hands, which will be instead of a Christmas tree.

You can decorate the porch: on the windowsills place topiary, which, unlike fresh flowers, do not need to care.

To make topiary is very budgetary, since you can assemble such a tree from improvised materials. A mug that is unsuitable on the farm will fit a pot if it has a handle broken off or some other part. The barrel can be a wand from a brush, a tube. Flower buds can be made from scraps of wallpaper that most likely remain after repair. And varnish, which needs to be covered with different components of the topiary, can be taken for any nail. So it’s easy to collect all the unnecessary in the house and make the topiary!