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Diseases of cabbage and how to deal with them


Diseases of cabbage can easily destroy the crop, and each of us understands this perfectly. Therefore, we have no choice but to learn how to determine them externally by seedlings and adult plants, as well as find methods to combat cultural diseases.

Many infections are possible in the garden and in the greenhousethat fall into the plant from the soil are transmitted from near growing crops or otherwise. There are those that can ruin the cabbage crop very quickly, and therefore you should not only understand agricultural technology and make a lot of efforts to get a result, but also pay attention to modifying seedlings or heads of cabbage, because some of them can mean serious deviations. Diseases of white cabbage, cauliflower and other species and varieties we will consider now. Also, we will study the most effective methods of dealing with them, which are used by professionals over the years.

Diseases of cabbage and methods of dealing with them


This fungal disease is quite common, it develops in the cells of the root system of the plant. Most disease affects early cabbage, cauliflower and white cabbage, regardless of the place of cultivation. At the seedling stage, various growths are formed on the roots of the seedlings, which disrupt the nutrition of the culture. Due to this, the plant lags behind in development so that even the ovary does not occur.

At the end of the growing season, the growths of the root system of cabbage rot, decompose and enter the soil, which is seriously infected.

How to deal with the disease

The fight with keel is quite simple, the main thing is to pay attention to its signs in time. Plants that have died or simply wilted from the disease should be removed from the bed with a lump of soil, and the place of the plant should be well sprinkled with lime.

It is not advisable to plant contaminated seedlings in the ground, it is also necessary to add lime to the soil at the time of planting.

Contaminated soil is suitable for growing other crops, since the disease affects only cruciferous.


The reason for the black leg of cabbage is high humidity and poor ventilation. This is a fungal disease that affects the root neck and base of the stem. These parts of the plant become very thin, blacken and begin to rot, due to which the plant lags in growth and most often dies.

Cabbage with a black-foot disease can not be planted in the ground, since seedlings will not give any result.

Disease control

Disease control can begin with precautions. In our case, this is the exception of the soil for planting cabbage, which was infected with a black leg. That is, if the crop died on the site due to this disease, the soil on it will need to be replaced or just cabbage should be planted in another place.

In addition, the prophylaxis of the black leg consists in normal, not increased humidity, and constant ventilation of the greenhouse where seedlings are grown.

Before planting seeds, they should be treated with granosan, about 0.4 g per 100 g of seed. It is also necessary to introduce a special preparation into the soil before planting seeds - TMTD (50%), 50 g for each square meter of the bed.


This disease seriously affects young plants. Leaves acquire gray and yellow spots with a coating on the underside. If the defeat of the seedlings is serious, then the leaves die off over time, cabbage lags behind in development, and sometimes it simply dies.

The disease can seriously affect the quality of the crop, it is most often manifested due to excessive moisture.

Methods of dealing with the disease

The fight against the disease is to normalize moisture, as well as treat plants. It is necessary to spray cabbage with Bordeaux liquid (1%). The approximate consumption for processing is 500 ml per bucket of water. If processing occurs at the seedling stage, the concentration should be halved, and the flow rate should be no more than 1 liter per frame. This article will help to get rid of snails in the country.

Be sure to inspect cabbage during cultivation, starting from seedlings, and ending with adult plants, because diseases and pests can simply destroy the crop, which invested a lot of effort, time and money.

Fighting cabbage diseases (video)

Cauliflower and cauliflower, cultivation and care, diseases and pests - all these are topics that are required to be read and studied, because if you want to get a quality crop, you must know everything by heart. From today, you understand the diseases of cabbage and their treatment, but there is still a lot of work to grow an environmentally friendly crop. We recommend that you read an article on the best ways to deal with slugs.