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Do-it-yourself options for designing a place for a bonfire or hearth


A campfire place in the country is a symbol of the hearth. Recently, special attention has been paid to this site, and often here they are not just preparing the next gastronomic hit, but gathering on summer evenings for socializing, friendly and family meetings. For this reason, increased attention is paid to the aesthetic component of the object.

If you decided to build such a symbolic place on your own, the following tips will not be superfluous. Consider some of the most interesting and uncomplicated options.

Option 1: recess and brick laying of a fire

A simple but interesting solution. In the ground, a depression is made directly for the fire. To make everything durable and beautiful, we wall the walls of this recess with brick. We will lay the brick vertically so that its side wall "looks" at the fire. Knowing that we are facing masonry, we make a fairly wide recess.

The border of a place for a fire should also be arranged decoratively. It can be the same bricks, or paving slabs. Try to make an interesting, even pattern so as not to disrupt the composition with the circle inside. Chipped pieces of tile remaining as unnecessary are often used, which was used in arranging garden paths.

Step-by-step description of the manufacturing process:

  • The size of the bonfire was determined. We divided it in half, and with the help of a rope and a peg we made the circle we needed.
  • We dig a hole in the outlined area, the depth is 30 cm. We dig it so that the walls lean toward the center of the hole.
  • The campfire site must have a solid base. At the bottom of the fireplace, put 10 cm of gravel, level the surface.
  • The walls of the pit must be laid out with brick, vertical masonry. The gap between the bricks can be repaired with ordinary clay. Do not forget to compact the bricks, align them with a hammer.
  • Again, we take up the shovel and remove the pieces of turf from the campfire itself. This is necessary in order for the masonry border to lie easier and more evenly.

  • We spread directly with our own hands a circle of stones (brick, paving slabs).
  • The gap between the bricks in the fireplace and the lining is filled with soil, sand or clay.

The place for the fire is ready, and all on their own.

As you can see, this is the easiest option.

Option 2: Hearth above ground in landscape design

So, we have chosen a place (away from the trees and the country house itself). We outline the contour of our fireplace, the most common diameter is 100 cm. This is done with a metal rim, it’s more convenient. At the place of the outline, or rather, inside it, we take out a layer of soil. It will be approximately 10 cm. Align the bottom of our foundation pit. Now you can install the rim with your own hands. What will act as a rim - you decide for yourself, many will cut off the "ring" from the old boiler or tub. It should not be too high.

The next step: laying out stones or concrete blocks around the rim.

Mandatory moment: the wall thickness of the laid out material should not be less than 10, and better - 15 cm.

Concrete blocks are the most optimal choice, it is combined and strength, and ease of installation, and an aesthetic factor. But often in the role of laying use paving slabs, and sometimes granite cobblestones.

The material for fastening the structure is a masonry mortar in which there are refractory additives. But if you lay out a natural stone, it is better to use a clay stove solution. You can also use glue, with which experts put fireplaces.

Between the metal rim and the facing structure there will be a gap, which is most often filled with earth. But you can use sand or the same clay solution. Dumping is necessary - it will prevent the accumulation of water (rain) and the inevitable debris that appears.

Places around the fire must be done at a distance of 80 cm from the protective strip, otherwise sparks from the fire can ruin the pleasure of gatherings.

Option 3. Corrugated steel bonfire site

Also quite a popular option, an example of which you can see in the photo.

We will need the following materials:

  • corrugated steel sheet itself;
  • screws for metal (self-tapping);
  • hacksaw;
  • a circular saw;
  • fine gravel;
  • sand.

First, cut a piece of corrugated galvanized steel, a width that will be equal to the height of the circle for the fire. The length of the sheet should be such that the circle turns out the diameter we need.

Then we cut out another piece, similar to the previous one, only with a larger diameter. It turned out two metal circles that have to be fastened with self-tapping screws. We add small gravel and sand to the space between the circles.

Such a bonfire place is best placed on the plank deck, which is done in advance. In principle, everything is ready! It turned out a place where you can relax with your family. And if you suddenly fall out of love with a fire, the resulting design will turn into a creative flowerbed constructed with your hands. We also offer you to learn how to make an original flowerbed from a building grid for a summer residence.

Campfire place in the country - design features

Ideally, if you are not only a place with the remains of a bonfire, issue a brick, tile or stone. This territory can be expanded, and then you get a whole area for recreation at the hearth. On its perimeter you can place benches or chairs.

You can lay out a gravel path to the bonfire.

Interesting options and a creative approach to business. Often the circle of the fire, or rather, the area around it, is decorated under the solar circle, and rays are drawn on the lining. Such a platform becomes the center of a summer cottage.

The place for the country center can also be given the form:

  • gemstone with a blazing ruby ​​inside;
  • a street fireplace with a cricket keeper painted nearby;
  • lunar crater.

In a word, what is rich in fantasy.

Making an ideal place for a campfire with your own hands is not so difficult: the main thing is clear calculations, a complete set of materials and a little creativity.

Good luck!

DIY campfire place (video)