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Making a country wash basin with your own hands


Rest in the country is often overshadowed by the lack of basic conditions and devices that allow hygiene. Any washbasin is a device for washing, which consists of a sink and a tap that supplies water. Independent manufacture of a washbasin can not only save the budget, but can also become a design subject. Among other things, such a summer cottage accessory can cause a sense of reasonable pride.

Homemade washstand

Do-it-yourself washbasin for summer house. The main difference between any washbasins is their functionality. Correctly choose a washbasin will help the idea of ​​its appearance and method of use.

For washing hands after gardening, the most ordinary hanging washbasin is enough. And in order to properly wash vegetables or fruits and wash dishes, you should get a washing unit with a curbstone.

The best option for a country washbasin, which you can quite easily do on your own, consists of the following elements:

  • washbasin and sink;
  • cabinet frame;
  • nightstand and countertop.

Homemade washbasin (video)

Washbasin and washbasin

You can use tanks of various volumes, foot-operated washbasins, factory-made washstands with a faucet, or ready-made hanging washbasins. If an intra-house water supply system is used as an aquifer, it is possible to use both cold and hot water. Such a system significantly increases not only the level of comfort, but also the quality of the wash.

A plastic, enameled or stainless steel sink can be integrated into the outdoor and home versions of a home-made washbasin. Steel sinks are durable and practical. Plastic sinks often lose their integrity even from minor strokes. Enamel is prone to chips and is not very suitable for use in outdoor conditions.

Making the frame of the cabinet

  • The easiest to manufacture are frames from wooden blocks or a steel corner. The cross section of the bars can be 50x50 mm or 60x60 mm, and the optimal size of the steel corner is 40x40 mm.
  • Depending on the height, a convenient height for such a stand is in the range from 80 cm to 100 cm. It is of this length that you need to prepare four wooden bars or steel corners.
  • The size of the frame structure completely depends on the size of the shell, which should easily fit on the edges of the finished frame. Having measured the sink, it is necessary to cut eight pieces of wood or metal in accordance with the measurements obtained. Most often, the size of a standard sink is 0.5 meters.
  • At the final stage, the frame base from the obtained blanks should be knocked down or welded. Depending on the material used, the frame of the cabinet should be primed and covered with a layer of paint, which will protect the finished structure from moisture, as well as the formation of fungus and mold.

Countertop and washbasin cabinet

Wood option

Classic country style. Quite aesthetic and environmentally friendly material, but susceptible to external conditions and short-lived. To extend the life of such a countertop is possible only with the help of special antiseptic agents.

From formwork plywood

Looks good, but quite an expensive option. Like a wooden countertop, it does not withstand contact with moisture.

From polycarbonate sheets or plastic panels

Very affordable materials that have an almost eternal life and do not require special care and repair.

From steel sheets

One of the most durable materials that can be decorated with paint.

The side walls of the cabinet and its rear must be completely trimmed with the material selected for finishing. The front wall should be equipped with a door that will be hung on the hinges. The plank flooring should not be continuous. Small gaps allow you to not disturb the air circulation and easily let water through.

The worktop can be supplemented with a convenient and functional dishwasher dryer. It can be stationary or portable. For the manufacture of such a structure, 25x15 mm wooden slats will be needed, from which a semblance of a lattice with a distance between adjacent elements of no more than two centimeters is knocked together. The wooden dryer should be coated with a special varnish.

You can also learn how to make a fountain from a pot for indoor flowers.

Drain organization

  • Most often, a simple bucket is used as a primitive drain tank, which must be periodically emptied into a compost pit.
  • A more appropriate and practical option is to organize a discharge into a special pit, ditch or sewer. Corrugated pipe is used for this purpose.
  • If the washbasin is installed outdoors, it is allowed to drain the water directly into the ground. With this option, it is necessary not to equip the washbasin cabinet with a floor, but be sure to pour 30 centimeters of large rubble under it.

Useful Tips

  • If the frame and countertop are made of wood, then Boritex based on wax can be used for processing. The ideal option is to cover the treated surface with a yacht waterproof varnish.
  • As the most budget option for a water tank, you can use an ordinary plastic canister in which to install a tap.
  • The function of heating the water is easily achieved by installing in the water tank a conventional electric ten.
  • The corrugated drain pipe can be wrapped with Geotextile and slightly buried in the ground. This option is suitable for summer cottages, in which the soil has a high throughput and absorbs water well.

If you design your own made washbasin, cabinet and dryer for dishes in the same style, you can get a very original piece of garden decor, which will not only decorate the garden, but also significantly increase the level of comfort in the summer season.